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Why another server? Why Perl?

Well, I don't think this should be a long article. Exactly the opposite, it should be a short one. I am not convincing you anything. I just want to present you some thoughts which came to me from my experience working on different projects using different technologies over the years.

So what is efficent? To do something quick and good. It can be done better, but slower or faster, but worse. Yes, it may be done better and faster, but in real life you have what you have and time is ticking.

I write dumm things, games and online software for 15 years now. I've done much stuff over the years. The wise man once said - the right tool for the job. Yes, there isn't a single thing that will solve everyhting. Oh yes, I've learned that.

In general, software processes data. Leave the UIs, graphics and drivers aside. We talk about information. From this perspective it is no different whether you write a small script to do your tedious task or an application server. Yes, I know there is much more to it, but hang on for a minute. So you get some data some way, do something with it, store it, read more and send something back. Yes, there is architectures and databases, and protocols, and whatever... Still, most of the time you will be doing data processing. You will always work with data, because there is where you put your logic in, there is your contribution. A library will handle the talking, another library will handle the walking and you will have to tie it all together. Choose the right tool for the job, right?

Still, when it comes to data processing I come back to Perl. Parsing, decoding, interating, reading it just does it very, very well. I don't say it does that fast, but does it fast enough! What about my time and my efforts to do a task? Well that's where it shines. Perl makes some things look so easy, that you easily forget about their scale. Yeah, there are pros and cons and colaboration, and teams, and whatever. Still you have a job to do and after that - more jobs to do... Efficiency, efficiency...

If this thought is close to your mindset then Perl is for you. Simple as that. It's not about Perl beeing hard, beeing old or beeing out of fashion.

That's why I've created the Eldhelm Platform in Perl and for the same reason I've designed it to run Perl. It started as a quick solution to something and then has grown to a decent solution for things. Not all, only some, but important ones.

And there is the fact: The Eldhelm Platform processes data efficently - both for the machine and the humans working with it. It makes my life easier.

I've taken so much knowledge from here and there, copied so much code, so this is my contribution to the world :)

That's all. You will be the judge.


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