What is Enterprise DNS?

Enterprise DNS (domain name system) is a high-level DNS service specially focused on large enterprises with big needs. Enterprise DNS implementation offers to resolve internal and external requests for enterprises in an efficient, scalable, secure, automatable, and centrally managed way. Enterprises need a reliable DNS architecture to operate, bullet-proof security, redundancy, speed, 100% uptime… and more capabilities that domain registrars’ DNS can’t guarantee exclusively for a single client.

Enterprise DNS means the opportunity to have a robust DNS architecture (network, DNS servers) and all its capabilities, for your organization, totally at your service. 

It’s a really powerful solution for companies that already have a complex and hard-to-manage structure. They have grown international, and they have plenty of branches, which means regular DNS modifications, implementation of new technologies, re-configurations, scalability at a high level, etc. 

When do you need Enterprise DNS?

  • You need it when your business has grown in such a dimension that you have to operate expeditiously big actions like the following. 
  • To have 100% DNS availability to guarantee access and to handle all the traffic.
  • To attend millions of DNS requests every month. Usually, with regular DNS service providers, clients have a limit of requests that can be attended per month. This limit and the extra fees you have to pay in case you cross it don’t exist with enterprise DNS. 
  • To automate thousands of modifications to the DNS configuration every hour.
  • To count on the fastest propagation. Enterprise DNS supplies the possibility of managing and monitoring the propagation via the control panel. TTL values can be modified (up to a minute) from there to accelerate propagation. 
  • To manage thousands (or more) of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) with 100% uptime.
  • To rely on high speed for responding to clients’ requests globally. Enterprise DNS providers offer a robust network with servers strategically located for you to be really close to your clients.
  • To turn on/off thousands of virtual machines every hour.
  • To manage the connection for thousands or millions of IoT (Internet of things) devices.
  • To enable a virtual network for DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) services across many different locations.
  • To have a centralized, clear, detailed view of the inside DNS traffic of your enterprise. Meaning, traffic is generated by thousands of collaborators, machines, and branches.
  • To reduce notoriously human errors through automation.
  • To strengthen your security defenses on a large scale, detect threats expeditiously (close to immediately), and be protected in case of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.
  • To rely on 24/7 customer service for your operation and your clients’ not be stopped.

Who is using Enterprise DNS?

Enterprise DNS is already being used by international e-commerce shops that have to attend a really big number of global requests every minute. 

Enterprises offering business applications. They provide the software for every employee to work daily in different companies/industries. They can’t afford outages or downtime. That would mean stopping the productivity and incomes of complete companies.

Enterprises supplying mission-critical applications. They work with highly resource-demanding companies. Internet providers, data centers, hosting providers, aircraft or railway operating systems, electric power grid systems, online banking systems, etc.


Enterprise DNS is a massive solution for massive enterprises’ needs. The whole Internet relies on such infrastructure. Imagine having your own! It goes far beyond the regular imagination!

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