What is Premium DNS service?

Whether you own a personal blog or a big e-shop, you have to use a DNS service to be reachable online. Premium DNS service is paid, but the benefits of using it are numerous. So let’s explain a little bit more about it.

Premium DNS explained 

Premium DNS is a service, which provides excellent features. It helps your site to operate smoothly. This service guarantees so much more than a free service. So what can you expect from it? It includes:

  • More DNS zones. 
  • Higher speed.
  • Faster loading time.
  • Strong DNS servers’ networks. Benefit from a lot more presence points (PoP) for your business.
  • Load balancing methods, including GeoDNS
  • Uptime is guaranteed.
  • Friendly and simple interface.
  • Millions of queries, and often unlimited amount.
  • Effectively managing the traffic.
  • DNSSEC support, monitoring, and checkings
  • Cryptographic and excellent tech security to keep your site protected from vulnerabilities and attacks. You can get more or less features, depending on the plan you choose. 
  • DNS failover.
  • More email forwards.
  • 24/7 Professional support.

What is DNS?

It is proper to explain what DNS is. So, it will help to understand the whole picture about Premium DNS fully. 

In brief, DNS is a global network of name servers. It has the primary purpose to show where are the domain names are really. In addition, the Domain Name System helps to link the domain names to their IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6). It is easier for humans to remember the name of a particular website rather than all IP addresses for all sites, which they use regularly.

Moreover, the Domain Name System has features, such as linking hostnames to other hostnames, verifications, and further instructions about services.

Therefore the Domain Name System is a communication network. And it will guide all of your visitors and direct them to the correct addresses or additional hostnames.

So after we made clear what DNS is, let’s examine few questions. They will help you determine if Premium DNS service is necessary for you or not.

  • What amount of people have to connect to your website?
  • How frequently will these people need to connect?
  • What is their location? Are most of them from your local country? Or maybe the visitors are from all around the world?
  • Does your site require some more extra security features? Is it that essential to have protection for your customers at every move they make through your site?

When is Premium DNS required?

Consider implementing Premium DNS service, for example, if your business generates a lot of traffic. In this way, you will be able to manage it and your worldwide presence. Uninterrupted uptime is crucial in this scenario. You have to be prepared to answer the millions of queries coming from all around the world.

Maybe you have to respond to the expectations for a high-security website. And ensure that transactions and users’ data are safe.   

Such examples are businesses like e-Commerce, banking, accounting systems, fintech companies, payments, government, and many more.


Any managed DNS service is a perfect solution if you own a small static site, a portfolio site, or maybe a blog. If the amount of visitors is not so significant, it is a good idea to use a free DNS service.   

If your site is not so small and you need additional features to provide better security or expand your business worldwide, it is better to choose to use Premium DNS service. It will provide a better performance, redundancy, security, and of course, speed.

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